Disney during Covid

What to expect at Walt Disney World in 2021

So what is Disney like post-Covid, is it still safe to travel?  How will Disney keep you safe?  Read below, to help understand what things are like currently in 2021.

Disney requires the wearing of face masks. This is a rule Disney is EXTREMELY strict on. In fact, they have signs all over the property explaining that if you cannot properly wear your face mask you will be asked to leave. There are no exceptions to this rule, and there are cast members ALL over the property that are solely there to watch for rule breakers and remind people to follow the rules. They can and will ask people to leave, I have seen this with my own eyes.

Disney with masks

Hand sanitizer is everywhere. This is so awesome! As you step into the queue, and as you leave the ride, you will pass hand sanitizer. More importantly, people are using it! This means no matter where you go, chances are people have sanitized many times.

Social Distancing. I am one of those people that hope social distancing never goes away, or that they at least keep some forms of it. There is nothing worse then being in the parks on a hot summer day and having someone cram next to you with a hot sweaty body, and there is no where to go, and you start feeling seriously crowded in. Well, this does not happen now, now you can have your space, and breathe!

Limited Capacity. Right now the parks are at limited capacity. Yes they still feel busy, because everyone is more spread out, but the fact is, it is less people than normal, and you can definitely feel it.

Disney can bring you into a moment like no other.  We have been living in a world of fear and pandemic talk. It’s time to enter a magical place and take a break from reality. The themed elements of the parks are so detailed, you can go from feeling like you are gliding on flying sail boat to Never-land, to entering a Haunted Mansion with just a few steps.  Each element of the different rides and lands bring you into their world, making you feel like you are a part of that world.

Random character cavalcades. This is probably my absolute favorite change. EVERY SINGLE PARK has random character mini parades throughout the day. They just appear randomly throughout the park, all day long, and they are so much fun. No more waiting around for hours for a long parade, now you can find magic throughout the day, right around any corner, and because there are less people waiting, you will find the characters have a chance to look out for individuals, and wave and interact more, it is so magical!

Mickey and Minnie

Creating Memories.  I have such happy thoughts of my family bringing me to Disney when I was younger, when I go back, I am instantly transported back to those moments with a smell or ride.  I hope my own child has those same memories as he grows older. Wearing masks, changes nothing, I still feel that wonderful nostalgic feel of magic and love every time I walk through the gates.

Disney magic still exists.  It does not matter if you are tall or short, fluffy or skinny, maybe you have special needs, or feel like you don’t fit in.  You can be black or white, purple or green, or any other color in the book.  At Disney it does not matter who you love or even what your political affiliation is. EVERYONE is accepted and loved.  This is something the world is missing these days, the ability to love everyone, no matter who you are.  Disney is simply just a happy place where you can enjoy time with the ones you love.  At Disney, your insecurities fade and you are transported into a world of possibilities.  It is the most amazing thing to watch and be a part of!