Michelle Evans Travel Concierge

Hi!  My name is Michelle, and I. Love. Disney. I love sharing Disney with anyone who will listen.  For me, it goes far beyond the parks, characters, rides, movies, food, and merchandise.  It’s a FEELING!  The feeling that comes when the cares of the outside world literally start disintegrating into the atmosphere once I enter the Disney bubble.  My first few trips were “for the kids” so it was very much about the characters and the rides and entertainment, but after we had a few trips under our belts we started to notice more how we FELT while we were there.  THAT’S the real magic.  My kids are adults now but they get this feeling too.  I now live within a few hours of the WDW parks and use my Disney military benefits so I can capture that feeling as often as I need to.  I would absolutely love to help you plan your next amazing vacation and discover, or rediscover, that feeling for yourself.

Michelle Evans